What is astrobiology?

By Irina Mullins

What is astrobiology?

An illustration of what Kepler-1649c could look like from its surface. Image Credit: NASA/Ames Research Center/Daniel Rutter

Astrobiology is the study of the origin, evolution, diversification, distribution and future of life in the Universe. Astrobiology is a very broad multidisciplinary field of study that comprises and integrates various disciplines such as astronomy, biology, physics, chemistry, planetary sciences, and social sciences.

Astrobiology addresses important questions about life in the Universe:

  1. How did life emerge and evolve on Earth?
  2. Does life co-evolve with its planet?
  3. How do cosmic events affect life on planets and moons?
  4. Does life exist on other cosmic worlds?
  5. How can scientists find life on other cosmic worlds?
  6. Can life colonize planets and moons?
  7. What is the future of life on Earth?
  8. What is the future of life in the Universe?

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